About Us

Montana Argo is Montana, North Dakota & Wyoming's source for quality service, parts, accessories and rental solutions.

Montana Argo came to be due to the fact our parent company Wright Company, a terrestrial and aquatic weed control services company, was looking for a vehicle that was reliable, safe for crew to operate, and could increase the efficiency of our weed control operation. We had rolled many ATV's up to this point and luckily no one was injured...but we had to many close calls.  After a few years of searching and trying different vehicles, late in 2009 we came across a Centaur UTV, purchased a Centaur and have been running two Centaur's in our operation ever since. The Centaur has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. We also began using the amphibious Argo HDI & XTI for aquatic weed control in the ponds we treated. We also used the amphibious HDI or XTI to get through thick aquatic growth in ponds that was almost impossible to use a row boat.


Montana Argo